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Pink Geraniums damaged by Deer

Please Don’t Eat The Geraniums

Seriously! Just stop with the eating of our flowers. Stephanie joins everyone else that has had enough of those pesky deer.
Deer Damage Crape Myrtle

My Poor Crape Myrtle

After a big storm Stephanie saw that disaster struck! And it was not the wind. Read more about what happened to her beautiful Crape Myrtle.
Starstruck Daylily

Daylillies, Deer & Ivory Soap

Last year I doubt I had any blooms on my daylilies. Those darling deer munched their way through our garden, eating everything in sight. My Knockout rose, my hydrangeas and my beautiful daylilies were all victims. It was on! This…

Caladiums Hillwood Estate

Next Year, More Caladiums!

Larry Hurley explains why he is planning on using more Caladiums in his garden next year.

Deer Repellents

They may be cute, but deer are a common garden pest in this area. Using repellents are a good way to discourage Babmi from snacking on your plants. And now's the time to start! Learn how.

Deer Explosion

We've had a bumper crop of acorns this year, meaning there's a good chance we'll have a bumper crop of deer next year. Learn why and how to keep those deer from destroying your garden.
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