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Fall Porch

Welcome Fall

It is time to start thinking about how you want to decorate for Fall.
Fall Color 10

October Color

So many vibrant colors everywhere. Walking around our yard while waiting for my grandson to get off the bus the other afternoon, I saw our Knockout rose all budded up and ready to burst open.
Yellow Mum And Pansies

Time To Decorate For Fall

After Labor Day, and all the children go back to school it is time to start planning your Fall decorating ideas.

That Was Then, This Is Now: Seasonal Changes

It seems like it only took a few days for the seasons to change and the landscape is quickly following suit. Follow along as Emily shares a walk through her garden and the beautiful changes brought on by fall.

Fall is for Colorful Fruit!

When we think of fall color, we often think of flowers and foliage, but fruit, specifically berries, deserve a place in your fall color garden. Click through for this extensive list (with photos!) of shrubs with fall berries ranging in color from yellow to purple and everything in between.

The Colors of Fall

This past weekend I was reminded of something I take for granted each day. I tend to complain about the hour-long drive I have to and from Behnke's, but when my cousin came out to my house on Saturday, she…

10 Shrubs and Vines for Fall Color

For some of us, trees take up too much space, and that’s fine – there are plenty of fantastic shrubs and vines the provide fall leaf color. Many are native and have added benefit to wildlife and are easy-care. I…

Fall Color for Shady Spots

I've reported on on my favorite plants for fall color in sunny spots and as promised, here are my faves for shade. Annuals Coleus come in dozens of colors and patterns.  Mine are just now, in late October, losing their…

Fall Color in the Smithsonian Gardens

Another installment in what's turning out to be a series of articles about fall color in the garden, this one the result of my trip to the Mall over the weekend.  So what better place to start admiring the gardens…

Fall Color for Sunny Spots

Last Sunday I was manning the information booth at Greenbelt's Farmers Market when a gentleman stopped to ask if anyone knew what colorful plants were growing in the median strip along the main street into town - the spot shown…

Pansies are Tough!

You've probably heard of “zone denial” - planting things that are marginally winter hardy in an area and hoping they make it through, by mulching, planting against a south facing wall, praying, and so on. Some years they do, some…

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