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Creating a Thanksgiving Centerpiece

A fall floral centerpiece can set just the right mood for Thanksgiving. But it often gets moved from the center of the table to make room for food! Follow these tips to make a beautiful arrangement appropriate for a buffet next to the table.

Arranged Marriages (of flowers, of course): House Jewelry

September is almost here.  We already see yellow school buses everywhere…and soon we will see yellow leaves…mixed with green and orange and russet…all signaling the approaching arrival of autumn.  Some will reluctantly let go of summer while others embrace all…


Arranged Marriages (of flowers, of course): Achieving Balance

Most of us enjoy looking at furniture or artwork or other decorative items in our living spaces…things that we love for their beauty or sentimental value. How we arrange or display them can make a striking difference in how much we enjoy them!

Arranged Marriages (of flowers, of course)

In past years, I’ve had the opportunity to travel widely in France. On most trips, I’ve heard French people talking about the “mariage” (French spelling) of a certain wine, or cheese, or pate when consumed with a specific dish.
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