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Catching Up With Summer

Rain has been variable over the last few weeks, with rain often passing either to the north or south of us. As a result, my neighborhood in the Rockville Bethesda area is actually getting pretty dry.

Snapping Out of the Cold Snap

After a warmer than usual winter, capricious Mother Nature poured cold water on our spring parade. When the snow melts and the temperatures moderate, what should we expect?

I Need to Freshen Up a Bit

Summer is in the final stretch, and most of what we are doing in August is maintenance or harvest.  It’s the time when you realize that the slugs have really been hitting the hostas, leaving them full of holes, and…

5 Universal Truths of Gardening

About a year and a half ago, my brother and I bought a small home on an acre lot on the Caribbean island of Montserrat.  Our parents had once had a home there, as did my brother.  We thought the…


Gardening Basics: Houseplants

Simply Put: Parents, It’s Autumn. Do You Know Where Your Houseplants Are? Those cool autumn nights are upon us, and if you have some of your houseplants outdoors, it’s time to think about bringing them back indoors for the winter.…


Gardening Tips for May

Behnkes Gardening Tips - May 25th, 2008 The end of May means the beginning of summer in Maryland, and that means your garden faces an onslaught of pests and diseases. Many gardeners answer the call with weapons of mass destruction…

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