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I want to invite you to Beyond Behnke's NEW Gardening Forum. This forum will be a place to ask questions and share information. As more folks post their questions or comments in one of the categories, we will build on that by adding more sections.
Garden Workout Just In Time For Spring

Time To Get In Shape For Your Garden Workout

Stephanie shares information about how she has been getting ready for Spring Gardening. With her son-in-law's company RECHARGE MOVE now streaming online she is able to get in her daily exercises. Those weeds do not stand a chance! The added bonus is she will be able to get down on the floor and play with her grandchildren.
Holly In November

Behnke’s Gardening News Archives

One of the questions we get week after week is about finding information about this or that plant. Many times I can get the answer; however......

I Need to Freshen Up a Bit

Summer is in the final stretch, and most of what we are doing in August is maintenance or harvest.  It’s the time when you realize that the slugs have really been hitting the hostas, leaving them full of holes, and…


Named for its holly-like foliage and grape-like fruit (well, they don’t look like grapes to me), these evergreens are another of my favorite shade shrubs.  As durable as their relatives Nandina and Barberry, they are very adaptable and easy to…

Whiter Shade of Pale Perennials And More

I crave color. I’ll even admit to sometimes overlooking the characteristics of a plant and its appropriateness for my zone, much less garden’s conditions, just to grab that color and add it to the garden. Color can make me an…

Jessica’s Garden: Among the Wildflowers

As I've mentioned in previous posts, a family friend approached me over the winter asking if I would be interested in growing and arranging flowers for her Fall wedding. Without hesitation, I excitedly accepted the opportunity.  While leaving me to…

Months without an “R”: No Oysters, Great Gardens

The other day, while searching for seafood to make a celebratory dinner, the saying pertaining to oysters came to mind– are you familiar with it?  Basically, it says we shouldn’t expect fresh oysters during months that do not contain the…

Bewitching Witchhazels

The witchhazel family has a beguiling name and, in my opinion, well-deserved due to their enchanting garden presence. Here are four members that I feel are deserving of wider recognition and use.

Goldfinches and Monarchs, a Perfect Pair

Hardly do we ever think of these two creatures together, and yet, by planting Black-eyed Susans and Milkweed we are inviting the two to co-mingle.  (Don’t fret, Goldfinches are seed eaters.)  Really, the two aren’t likely to go palling around…

4 Favorite Native Shrubs

Summersweet / Sweet Pepperbush (Clethra) Very aptly named, this shrub will impress you with its sweet scent in the middle of summer when fewer fragrant plants are flowering. Flowers are white or pink spires that are highly attractive to bees,…

5 Universal Truths of Gardening

About a year and a half ago, my brother and I bought a small home on an acre lot on the Caribbean island of Montserrat.  Our parents had once had a home there, as did my brother.  We thought the…

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