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Time To Get In Shape For Your Garden Workout

Garden Workout Just In Time For Spring
Stephanie Working Out At Recharge In Ellicott City, Md

Spring Is The Time To RECHARGE and MOVE

Spring is just days away! And I, for one, am extremely energized! Spring means it is time to work out in the garden. We all know what kind of workout that will mean.  With this in mind, I decided that I need to be in better condition before I attempt to help my husband prepare the garden for all the vegetable plants I am planning on growing. Somehow my body has decided to age even though my mind is still about forty. While I am not sure how or when this happened, I am determined that these aches and pains I have been noticing will not excuse me for being unable to help.  Any form of exercise is not something I tend to embrace. While I love to take long walks with my husband, I find many excuses not to exercise.  That is stopping as of now. With a little (well, A LOT) of help from my son-in-law, I am ready to GET IN SHAPE!

Just What Is Recharge?

Some might know this already, but my daughter married a physical therapist. And not just any physical therapist but one with the vision to start his own company. A company that would be different from any physical therapy office you might have been to before.

Dr. Gene Shirokobrod decided it was past time to show people the correct way to exercise. I remember he once told me that most of his patients ended up in his office due to injuries at the gym or playing sports. Gardening is another place that many people end up getting hurt. About four years ago, he started a company located in Ellicott City and called it Recharge.

Recharge is just that. A community where you can get fit the correct way with coaches that are all licensed doctors of physical therapy. I joined his Senior Strong group a few years ago and enjoyed the people and how Dr. Ryan Smith and Dr. Meghan Wieser took the time to explain each movement to us. They also were able to scale the exercise to our own unique needs. But then COVID 19 came.


Gene had been working on putting together an online version of Recharge for those that never could get to the gym. With COVID 19, that pushed his timeline up some, and we now have RECHARGE MOVE.

I love it! When the business closed last Spring because of COVID 19, the Recharge team jumped right into having live online zoom classes. Members all learned about Zoom and saw each other’s living rooms at the same time. As time went on Recharge, was able to open back up in a limited capacity. Gene made the decision not to have the Senior Strong Class back in the gym. Just too risky. (That’s me in the photo in the Senior Strong class, which I loved) The Zoom classes continued; however, all along, something special was in the works.

During this past year, something else started happening. People of all ages were rediscovering gardening. The joys and feelings of well-being just being outside in the fresh air while creating a home garden. Gardening while rewarding is also great exercise. But we need to be warmed up before we go out and garden. That is where Gene and the other doctors come in. They have created these workouts that will help you get stronger so you do not hurt yourself while gardening.

How Recharge Move Works

RECHARGE MOVE was released this year. I am in week one and what I like the most is how Dr. Ryan explains each movement that you will be doing for that cycle. You can hit pause and re-watch at any point. Dr. Meghan demonstrates the exercises as Dr. Ryan points out how your body should be positioned. They then offer a modified way and a more challenging way to do each element. Then, you set your timer and GO! Better yet, you can do it when your schedule permits it.  You can listen to my son-in-law, Gene, in this short video explaining how this program works. Best of all, you can try it for FREE for 2 weeks!

Gene suggested that I try the series under the Self Improvement called Prepare to Move, which is fantastic. A gentle way of getting these old bones moving. So far, this has been the best workout for me. Very simple and short which is what I need.

The Benefits of Recharge Move for the Gardener 

I am determined to get myself healthy. Why? One of the main reasons for me is that I am finding it harder to get up off the floor. Kneeling is painful (pulling weeds, you know). I also want to enjoy my grandchildren when they run and play. And as I mentioned, I need to be able to get out in the garden this Spring! I also, do not want to have my workout in the garden end up with me being in pain.

Exercise helps the body and mind. I read on the Recharge website that “evidence shows that exercise, such as strength training, is critical for maintaining function as we age.” Getting older means you NEED to get stronger, and that sounds perfect to me. Having professionals that know what your body needs works for me. I now need to figure out how to do those burpees without falling flat on my face! By the time this cycle is over, I WILL be able to do one.

An Article From Dr. Gene at Recharge Move

Here is an article  Gene wrote in 2014 for Behnke’s. While hopefully we are done with the snow, it really is important while you take time to warm up and use your tools correctly in the garden. I think I will ask Gene to talk about good practices when gardening. Take the time to read about Recharge Move and what they can offer. I love how technology has put programs like this right in our living rooms.

A different way to workout
Find the workout program that fits you with Recharge Move

Stephanie Fleming was raised at Behnke’s Nurseries in Beltsville. Her Mom, Sonja, was one of Albert & Rose Behnke’s four children. She was weeding from the moment she could walk and hiding as soon as she was old enough to run, so many weeds, so little time. Although she quickly learned how to pull out a perennial and get taken off of weed pulling duty.

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