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All About Hollies

When you think “holly,” you would be forgiven for automatically thinking “evergreen and spiny,” since many of them are. But did you know that there are exceptions. Learn about all the different types here; there's bound to be one perfect for you!

10 Favorite Screening Evergreens

It’s that time of year again – the leaves are disappearing and views you had forgotten about are making themselves known again. This fall, get started on that living fence to keep your privacy, sanity, or simply to shield you from the winter winds. Here are five favorite large-scale screeners and five favorite small-scale screeners.

Planting for Winter: Trees and Shrubs

If your winter garden is a little drab, take note from a gardener who has tried everything. Jim Dronenburg shares his favorite trees and shrubs for winter color and interest.

Winterburn on Broadleaved Evergreens and Perennials

With the cold, dry winter this year, you may have noticed more winter-burn on your broadleaved evergreens and evergreen perennials than you might normally see. Winter damage appears as drying along the edges of the leaves, the entire leaf, the…

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