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Gardener Seeks Volunteer Gig

This shouldn’t be a hard thing to do – finding somewhere to volunteer my services in the Metro DC area.  I’m hoping to put my knowledge of gardening to some good purpose, do it with other people, and be active…

Design Collage

Design Tips from Master Gardener School

My favorite part of Master Gardener School was the presentation about design. It’s a great topic and the PowerPoint show was pure eye candy, specifically what gardening addicts call “garden porn”, so who could resist? The Instructor Our guest lecturer…

Eastern White Pine is for the Birds

The eastern white pine, Pinus strobus, is one of the most popular native plants in our region. And even though these trees are commonly used in both public and private gardens, there are still many reasons why you should consider adding these lovely trees to your landscape. One of the principal reasons is that the eastern white pine is really ‘for the birds’.

Meet Natalie Brewer – Master Gardener

Many native plants are easy to grow and perform well in the home landscape. You will still need to consider the light and moisture requirements of individual plants, but once they are established, most native plants do not need additional care in the form of fertilizers and pest control. So they can save you time and money.
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