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Ele and Emily Behnke

Time Really Does Fly By

While at the Maryland Home & Garden Show, Stephanie enjoyed the time spent with her cousin Emily Behnke.

There’s Something About This Man

Stephanie Fleming recalls some of her favorite memories of her grandfather, Albert Behnke, co-founder of Behnke Nurseries.

The Behnke Swans

If you grew up in this area, chances are you have memories of coming to Behnke's as a child. Stephanie shares some wintertime memories of feeding the swans who used to reside here when she was young.
Mr. Steinley Counting Pansy Seedlings

Please Do Not Talk To Me…..

Today my mother, Sonja Behnke Festerling, and I took some time to look through a few of the thousands of photos my grandmother, Rose Behnke, took and we came across this one! We both started laughing since this was a sight that I remember well and so did she.
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