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Pollinator Garden at Behnke’s is One Year Old

Behnke's has a number of demonstration gardens. One of the most recent additions is the Pollinator Garden, still going strong and growing robustly after one year. Click through to learn about the some of the plants in it and come by the store to see them in person.

Perennial Gardens at Behnke’s in March

March is a great time to watch perennials as they start to emerge. Larry Hurley observes some of the changes since the last growing season in the Behnke's display gardens.
helenium mariachi fuego

Picking Favorites Perennials

If you have siblings it’s likely that at some point, you questioned which was the “favored one” by a parent. When the question was posed (usually not at the best time), the typical response was “I love all of you…

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