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Phalaenopsis (Moth) Orchids

Ah, winter, when a garden center’s fancy turns to houseplants. When it's cold outside, we always appreciate our houseplants, sitting on the windowsill, awaiting our return. Like a cat, only without the fur balls. Even more appealing than green foliage…


How Do I Get My Orchid To Bloom Again

I was in an upscale nursery the other day and I overheard two women talking…. “Oh my gosh!  Look how beautiful those orchids are!”  One woman gushed to her companion. Her friend replied, “I always kill them.  How do you…

Plant Ghosts of A Christmas Past

Let’s remember the plants of Christmas past. They aren’t with us the way they used to be. The reason? People’s houses then were cold, by our standards. Early houses had fireplaces—the earliest had huge, walk-in hearths—which did triple duty in…

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