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Check out Mr. Hosta’s 2013 Selections

It's not summer YET but when the heat finally comes, I'll wish I could hang out in Randy Best's cool hosta garden, shown above and in lots more photos here.  Around our Beltsville store Randy's known as Mr. Hosta -…

Woman Watering

How to Water by Randy Best

Randy's done it again, with great tips and a touch of humor in the title.  Oh, and we suspect a touch of sarcasm at the very end when he urges us to enjoy "this beautiful weather we're having now".  Ha!

The Other Spring-Flowering Bulbs

  The so-called minor bulbs are a major source of color and spring beauty. These early risers will awaken your garden and announce the arrival of a new growing season. Good things come in small packages, it's true, and when…

Winterberry Holly

Transforming Everyday Greenery into Holiday Decorations

Is your garden a gold mine of holiday decorating possibilities? The traditional greens used in many wreaths, swags and other decorations, Fraser, Douglas and Balsam firs, may not grow well in this area, but many gardens have an abundance of…

Staghorn Sumac, Hardy Orange and Osmanthus – My Favorites for Fall

Staghorn Sumac (Rhus typhina) 'Tiger Eyes' Native throughout the Eastern United States, Staghorn Sumac survives in the most inhospitable conditions in large thickets.  But unlike other Staghorn Sumacs, the selection 'Tiger Eyes' is compact and slow spreading, a medium-sized shrub…

Behnke’s Basic Perennials

Behnke's Perennial Department has always been known as the place to discover something new and unique. We have always offered the finest selection of quality perennials to be found anywhere. Too often, though, the tried and true workhorses of the…

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