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Rose Behnke With Her Son Albert H. Behnke

A Memory From A Family Friend

A few weeks ago, Pat Torbert Kral reached out to Stephanie to share a memory she had of her grandparents Albert and Rose Behnke. She put her memory down as part of a story about her first job.
Albert Behnke -1991

My Grandfather’s Rose Garden

Albert Behnke loved many plants, but roses always held a special place in his heart. He grew up on his father’s nursery growing roses and brought that knowledge to America. My entire life has been about plants and flowers.

Wash Day

Stephanie's mother, Sonja Behnke Festerling, loves to talk about the old days growing up with her brothers on the land that is Behnke Nurseries. Some of the funniest memories are about 'wash day.' Click through to read all about it.

So Many Memories

The other day, I spent some time at the nursery going through the tons of old records and photos that my grandmother Rose Behnke kept. Sorting out what to keep, what to donate or give away....

Wishing Mothers Everywhere A Very Happy Mother’s Day

My Mother kept a garden, a garden of the heart, She planted all the good things that gave my life it's start. She turned me to the sunshine and encouraged me to dream, Fostering and nurturing the seeds of self-esteem...

Memorial Weekend at Behnke Nurseries

Memorial Day is when we remember and honor those who are serving and have served in the United States armed forces. I was asked to re-share what I wrote last year about the men in our family who served.

A Rose Garden

While walking around the garden center each morning, I see the outside area filling up with all the new arrivals. Among my very favorites are the roses. Of course right now they are not much to look at but you just know that, before long, their beautiful blooms will bring color to the area--and, walking past, we will smell the sweet fragrances.
Best Time To Plant A Tree

The Best Time To Plant A Tree Is….

30 years ago I asked my grandfather, Albert Behnke, if he would give me a Pin Oak tree as a housewarming gift. It was the middle of August, and we had just finished building our new home. There I was, with my 3 year old son, pregnant a second time, and wanting a tree. And what does he do?
Mr. Steinley Counting Pansy Seedlings

Please Do Not Talk To Me…..

Today my mother, Sonja Behnke Festerling, and I took some time to look through a few of the thousands of photos my grandmother, Rose Behnke, took and we came across this one! We both started laughing since this was a sight that I remember well and so did she.
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