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Honey, They Shrunk the Russian Sage

One of my favorite perennials is Perovskia atriplicifolia, common name Russian sage. Russian sage has a lot going for it. Upright growth, pretty blue flowers, and a long blooming period...

5 Favorite Summer Blooming Perennials

Many of us tend to shop for plants in the spring, often buying only what's in bloom, but this means that we miss out on perennials that bloom in the height of summer. Read on for 5 reliable summer perennials.

Plant Ahead for Summer Color

Late spring color is bursting forth, with terrific plants such as Siberian Iris and Peonies. It seems now that color abounds in gardens and in the nursery, but in early to late June there is....

Summer Blooming Perennials

Summer is the season for long-blooming perennials. Spring perennials go in and out of bloom in rapid succession, bringing almost daily changes to the garden, especially when mixed with Spring-blooming bulbs and shrubs. In the long, warm days of Summer,…

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