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Spireas are a great bang-for-your-buck in the garden because they offer multiple colors throughout the season. Loads of new varieties recently introduced showcase colorful new leaves in shades of orange, rosy-red, or dusky plum. Summer foliage is blue-green or chartreuse-yellow…

All About Abelia, Weigela and Spirea

Take a second look at these three tried and true flowering shrubs that have witnessed an explosion of new varieties in the past few years.

Boxwoods for Formal AND Naturalistic Gardens

Here’s a plant we think of as too formal, too boring, too (fill in the blank).  But I suspect our criticisms of boxwoods are based primarily on the way they’re traditionally grown – pruned to soldierly uniformity. So I offer…

Win a copy of 50 Beautiful Deer-Resistant Plants

Gardening in deer-infested territory may be old hat for you, or deer may be a recent challenge for you, thanks to recent increases in herd size in the D.C. area.  And by "challenge" I mean the untold frustrations and horrors…

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