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Bulb Time at Behnke’s

Stephanie shares some Behnke history this week with memories of her grandfather, Alfred Behnke, and the huge bulb plantings he had at his home in Burtonsville.
spring flowering bulbs

When and How to Plant Spring-Flowering Bulbs

Spring flowering bulbs, including such favorites as tulips and daffodils, are one of the signs that winter is over and are a true delight. While the bulbs themselves are nothing to look at, the flowers they produce come in all…

Gardening Basics: Deer Resistant Spring Flowering Bulbs

For the urban/suburban gardener, dealing with deer and other warm-blooded garden grazers is generally a case of discouraging their feeding in your garden. You can probably visualize herds of discouraged deer, walking dejectedly down the street, looking for some hosta to terrorize, their little white tails limp. Bad posture and everything. Sooner or later they will feed, it’s just that you are trying to get them to feed elsewhere, maybe on the next street.
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