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daylily Stephanie Fleming

Some Special Daylilies: Hemerocallis

Are you like me and have deer that come out at night and eat all the buds off of your daylilies before they even bloom? This year has been the worst, but then we did not put up the deer tape as we have done in the past.

Finding Treasures in Behnke’s History

I am sitting in my office, surrounded by boxes. What to save? What to shred? What to toss? I just want to walk away from it all, but I can't do that. So I keep going, sorting and finding treasures.

Our Last Mother’s Day at Behnke’s

From Stephanie Though it was rainy, this past Mother's Day I went into work. For the past few years I took this day off, but since it was our last Mother's Day at Behnke's, I wanted to be there. There…

There’s Something About This Man

Stephanie Fleming recalls some of her favorite memories of her grandfather, Albert Behnke, co-founder of Behnke Nurseries.

A Christmas Tradition

The holiday season is fast approaching. Poinsettias in the greenhouses are showing color – red, white, pink & many more as they have for generations at Behnke Nurseries. Preparations for the holidays to come are well under way. Now, is…

Picking The Perfect Christmas Tree

“This one! No, this one. How about this one Mommy? I think this one is beautiful!” So it went last Saturday when my grandson Aaron and his parents came to the garden center to pick out their Christmas tree.

The Best Time to Plant a Tree…

I have said it many times before, the best time to plant a tree was 25 years ago and the second best time is today... The other day, my husband, Jon, my father in law, Marshal and our grandson decided…

Albert Behnke

Rose Gardens

There is something about roses in the garden that brings a smile. I grew up always knowing that when I went to visit my grandparents, Albert and Rose Behnke, that there were going to be flowers in the house. But once the first rose started to bloom, their house would always be filled with roses.
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