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Jessica’s Garden: Returning to Normal

Our garden blogger, Jessica, is getting back into her usual routine after having a baby/garden lover in December. Read about her plans for a bigger and better vegetable garden!

Jessica’s Garden: Prolonging the Harvest

It's hard to believe that we are already well into the month of August. Before we know it, leaves will be changing colors.  While some fruits and vegetables in the Summer garden (like squash and potatoes) may be dwindling, others…

Jessica’s Garden: Keeping Pesky Visitors at Bay

As we turn more and more soil for gardens at the farmhouse, I have been pleasantly surprised to find that we have great soil quality here.  At our old home, we had builder-grade, lackluster, red clay soil that needed attention…

Vegetable Gardening at Home

Throughout most of human history the average person's daily life revolved around the search for food, and nearly every occupation related in one way or another to agriculture and the production of fruits and vegetables. In days gone by, a…

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