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Thanksgiving Farms Entrance We Grow Our Own

Thanksgiving Farms ‘We Grow Our Own’

Road Trip Last Sunday, my friend Donna and I took a road trip to Adamstown, Maryland, in Frederick County. I have always heard about Thanksgiving Farms, an independent garden center but never had the opportunity to go there. Carol Allen…

Vegetable Garden

The Beginning Of Our Spring Vegetable Garden

I have been spending a lot of time looking at all the different early vegetable seeds for our Spring garden these past few days. I think I am more of a dreamer than an actual doer.
victory gardening 2.0 growing tomatoes

I’m Dreaming Of A BLT Sandwich

There simply is nothing like picking a fresh tomato from your garden, and dinner is served. The funny thing is that I actually hated tomatoes and would never eat one till about 4 years ago.

Jessica’s Garden: First Harvest — Hard Work Pays Off

I'm calling it official—we have had our first harvest out of the summer garden by my standards. For many weeks, we have been able to harvest fresh herbs abundantly and the cutting garden started flowering around two weeks ago.  But…

Jessica’s Garden: It’s Not Too Late

If you had asked me on the first day of Spring if I was ready for the next season, I likely would have without hesitation said yes. I took a trip with Grayson to Behnke’s in March to pick out…

Starting your Vegetable Garden, with lots of Q&As

In late January Carol Allen talked to Behnke customers about how to get their vegetable garden ready for the new season.  Carol's an “honest-to-God horticulturist,” in her words, and avid organic vegetable gardener. First she reminded us why it’s so…

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