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Catching Up With Summer

Rain has been variable over the last few weeks, with rain often passing either to the north or south of us. As a result, my neighborhood in the Rockville Bethesda area is actually getting pretty dry.

4 Things You Need for Gardening Success

We realize that many folks are novice gardeners or may have had difficulties with failed plantings in the past. Use these tips to ensure a great-looking, healthy garden.
woman watering

How to Water by Randy Best

Randy's done it again, with great tips and a touch of humor in the title.  Oh, and we suspect a touch of sarcasm at the very end when he urges us to enjoy "this beautiful weather we're having now".  Ha!

boy in sprinkler

How to Water your Garden

Mistakes in watering are the number one cause of plant death in the garden! So read on to avoid that fate for yours. How to Water Thoroughly, deeply, and slowly, as needed - rather than shallowly. For example, a new…

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