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Bald Eagle By Nancy Janson

Today I Saw An Eagle

My husband and I have seen more and more American Bald Eagles getting closer and closer to where we live. Driving down the driveway, one of these majestic birds flew right in front of my windshield.

Re-Tweeting Birds In The Garden

The discovery of an active nest is one of those unexpected treasures you can’t possibly script. Even with summer underway, Emily continues to find nests in her garden. Click through to read her observations.

Flying Squirrels

Did you know we have flying squirrels in our area? Learn a little about these cool creatures and how to attract them to your yard.

Take a Hike Locust Grove Nature Center

Nature can be both calming and invigorating. Behnke's blogger, Emily Stashower felt its powerful effects on a recent trip to Locust Grove Nature Center on a sunny fall day.

Environmental Gardening at Behnke’s

Those of you who have shopped here for many years may remember that we used to have our shade and flowering tree display area on the south side of our main driveway (that is, between Route 1 and the parking…

Goldfinches and Monarchs, a Perfect Pair

Hardly do we ever think of these two creatures together, and yet, by planting Black-eyed Susans and Milkweed we are inviting the two to co-mingle.  (Don’t fret, Goldfinches are seed eaters.)  Really, the two aren’t likely to go palling around…

How about Planting Something for Wildlife?

Kermit and our local frogs alike would love the surge of environmental awareness. With housing developments popping up like fungi on a log, our local habitats are disappearing. The ray of sunshine in all this is that each of our…

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