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Jennifer among zinnias

Bouquets of Zinnias

For the past couple years, we have been growing large gardens of zinnias along US 1 and they look so beautiful that we started selling the cut flowers. Get an inside look at the talent behind our fresh zinnia arrangements and learn how to keep them looking their best for longer.
zinnia feature

Beautiful Cut Flowers

One of the additions to our display gardens this year has been beds of zinnias. Now at their peak, we are offering them as fresh bouquets. Cut and arranged each morning, our Vice President, Stephanie, has become a regular customer.

Jessica’s Garden: Enjoying the Best of Spring

The seedlings in my greenhouse have started to take off. Some haven't emerged yet; still mostly less than patiently waiting on the tomatoes and peppers to germinate. But the winter veggies, leeks, tomatillos and onions, sunflowers, marigolds and zinnias are all growing quickly with a little bit of heat and sunshine.
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