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A Visit To Snell’s Greenhouses Garden Center

Aaron and Zoe looking at pansies at Snell's Greenhouses
My grandchildren checking out some pansies

Snell’s Greenhouses In Carroll County

On March 22, my granddaughter Zoe turned five years old. When asked what she would like to do on her birthday, she told us she would like to get some pretty flowers. Zoe and her mom decided to visit Snell’s Greenhouses, a garden center in Carroll County on Runkels Road.

I have known Dave and Kitty Snell for over 40 years when I owned a wholesale nursery. Snell has always been both a grower/ wholesaler while also selling retail at his garden center. Their son owns the garden center while his other son owns DR Snell’s little ways down the road on Rt. 27.

Pansies And More At Snell’s Greenhouses

Walking into the greenhouse was like going back in time. Seeing and smelling the sweet scents of the pansies made my heart happy. As I picked out our plants with my grandchildren, I recalled our greenhouses, all filled with pansies, primroses, and ranunculus. By the end of March, those plants would be gone and the benches refilled with annuals like begonias, geraniums, and impatiens. At Snell’s Greenhouses, I could see thousands of pots of seedlings growing in some of their production greenhouses. Up in the ceiling were some cool cone-shaped hanging baskets that I am sure were filled with combinations of different annuals.

Seeing all that is happening is so fun when you visit a garden center like Snell’s Greenhouses. You see, of course, all the plants that are ready to go home with you. Herbs anyone? Plus, you see cart after cart being loaded on trucks to be delivered directly to other garden centers. You might have noticed that I am constantly pushing to buy locally and support your independent garden center. By supporting local garden centers, you will know that you are buying quality plants from knowledgeable people.

Visiting Old Friends, Dave & Kitty Snell

I was so happy to see that BOB (female) Snell’s resident Blue and Gold Macaw in her cage. Even better was the selection that Snell’s had of plants to choose from. I got some violas and a spike for my early planter, and of course, I was able to pick up the BROCCOLI plants that I mentioned a few weeks ago I wanted to try growing in a container. Best of all, just as I was ready to leave the garden center, who walks in but Dave and Kitty Snell. I have not seen them for years, so it was nice catching up with them.

Time To Take A Drive

If you feel like a bit of a drive to the outskirts of beautiful Mt. Airy in Carroll County, I hope you can take time to drop in and say hello to our friends at Snell’s Greenhouses. Tell them Stephanie from Beyond Behnke’s sent you.

The Finished Project

By the way, my wonderful husband planted up my violas for me, and then we decided to try those broccoli plants in an Earth Box. I am not sure how well they will do since it is not that big or deep. (We were supposed to plant them in a 15-gallon container.) We only put two in the Earth Box, so I gave my mother-in-law the rest of the plants for her raised vegetable garden beds!. Next up, I need to figure out when to sow the carrot seeds I got from Botanical Interests.

Front Entrance Of Snell's Greenhouses
Pansies at Snell's Greenhouses
Greenhouse full of pansies
Cool Season Vegetables Plants
Early Vegetable Plants
Panting Broccoli in an Earth Box
Broccoli plants
Planter of Violas and a Spike by rocking chairs

Stephanie Fleming was raised at Behnke’s Nurseries in Beltsville. Her Mom, Sonja, was one of Albert & Rose Behnke’s four children. She was weeding from the moment she could walk and hiding as soon as she was old enough to run, so many weeds, so little time. Although she quickly learned how to pull out a perennial and get taken off of weed pulling duty.

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  1. I’ve been going to Snell’s for about 25 years now, I think. Every spring, I’d do an initial scouting trip to Behnke’s, Spicknall’s, Snell’s, and Sun (two different days, usually). I’d take notes on who had what plants I wanted. Then I’d go home and figure out what I could fit where. Then back with the kids (often they were with me on all the trips) to pick out what we were going to plant. Generally there would be at least three trips per nursery – one to scout, one for frost-tolerant plants, and one for frost-sensitive ones. Maybe an occasional trip later on to fill in an empty spot. These trips are one of the best parts of spring. Thanks for this reminder!

  2. Sounds like all great choices. Since you also go to Sun Nurseries you might want to consider Condon’s Nursery. They are only open in the Spring and Fall (not yet) and are on Rt. 94 in Woodbine across the RR tracks. They are also growers and have some wonderful plants each year.

    take care and stay safe,

    1. Thank you for this referral! I’ll be sure to check it out. Wondering whether they are the same Condons that sell hay; I will find out when I go.

  3. Thank you for the interesting note on Snells. (north of I-70 near Mt. Airy). Everything you said is true. I was there two weeks ago, coming home with 18 beautiful pansy plants for $30. Walking into the nursery reminded me of spring in Holland.

    I also am fond of DL Snell (south of I-70 near Mt. Airy). Their customer service and indoor/outdoor plant selection is excellent. The scenery in that part of Maryland adds to the joy of the trip to both Snell nurseries.

  4. Mt. Airy is a beautiful drive! I am glad you got your pansies. I might be needing to go back for more as my grandchildren took most of the 18 we bought.

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