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Fall Yard Clean Up


How can it be September already? The days are getting shorter, and if you are like me, you might have looked around your yard wondering where the last 6 months disappeared. I mean, so many of us have been home, and way back in March and April we might have had grand plans to get our homes in order and spend time in the garden.

Perhaps like so many of us, you had great intentions last Spring. You got your vegetable garden in and planted your flower beds. You pull up the weeds every day–the never-ending endless challenge of weeds.

At some point in mid-August, many people give up. They are over it all. Branches from storms this summer have fallen along with rubbish that somehow ended up in your yard. Perennials are bloomed out, and those weeds are still growing. If you’re working from home, well, you’re working from home and do not have the time to get it done.

Maybe, now that school has started and the kiddos are learning from home, you just don’t have the time to get out and keep weeding or trim spent flowers. It might be you just need some help cleaning everything up. Cutting limbs off of trees and shrubs and getting your yard ready for Fall. Even something like getting all the Fall leaves removed is something that many folks just don’t want to fool with.

pete exis

I was chatting with our friend Pete Exis from Zabrene Scapes about this very issue last week. I knew that they do yard clean up, but what is the process if someone decides they are ready for help? Pete said it really just starts with a phone call and setting up a FREE site visit. They pretty much go anywhere in the DC/MD Metro area. Pete and Walter, co-owners of Zabrene Scapes, both said one of the significant parts of their business is helping people with their yards. That includes maintenance to just a few tweaks here and there. Of course, they do many other things like installing patios, and walkways, along with landscaping and fencing. But helping is what really makes them happy. Showing people what their yards can be.

After they come to your home, they will want to walk around with you and get an idea of what you really want to be done. Pete said it is essential to know just how much you the customer wants to do, and how much you don’t. Some homeowners want to just have a little help cleaning up while others go on a yearly maintenance plan. Others might just need the place weeded. The best thing is while walking around, they can tell you what should be trimmed and when is the correct time to do it. While there, they will also discuss your budget.

Speaking of weeding, I want to give you one of PETE’S TIPS. Woodchips! He told me how they use woodchips from The Grey Goose Farm in Laytonsville, Maryland, and it is wonderful how they keep the weeds down on their jobs. He even put them down for his mother’s yard. If you stop in at Grey Goose, tell them hello from Behnke’s and say hi to Randy. He was Behnke’s Garden Pharmacy’s manager in Beltsville.

fall clean up courtyard

The best thing about these two is their love of all things plants. They have a lot of experience and knowledge to help you make your garden and yard what you want. You might recall I wrote about them last Spring. I had plans to go see some of their projects, but with this Covid-19, I had to stay put. That said, they are starting to put some of their projects on their business Facebook page and are working on getting a new website up and running.

Something many might not know about Pete and Walter is that they love their vegetable garden. Right now, they are so happy to be harvesting their produce, as I am sure many of you are doing. He told me they are planning on canning for the first time ever! I wished them well as 40 years ago I watched my mother-in- law canning and saw her mother-in-law doing the same, and I knew it was not for me. I found just freezing my extras was easier for me.

christmas lights

I asked Pete what is coming up next for their company besides lawn and garden maintenance, and he laughed and said: “Now is the time to start thinking about Christmas Lights.” I had to laugh with him since I recall when Behnke Nurseries staff used to decorate houses. It always seemed sorta funny to begin letting folks know about this service in September. Still, the bottom line is that the crews will start late Fall to get everyone’s lights up in time.

Below you can check out some of Zabrene Scapes Social Media Sites. These guys have been so busy but they have told me they will be sharing more content.

Stephanie Fleming, Beyond Behnke’s

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Stephanie Fleming was raised at Behnke’s Nurseries in Beltsville. Her Mom, Sonja, was one of Albert & Rose Behnke’s four children. She was weeding from the moment she could walk and hiding as soon as she was old enough to run, so many weeds, so little time. Although she quickly learned how to pull out a perennial and get taken off of weed pulling duty.

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