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Behnke Nursery Flower Cart Ornament

December Decorating

Already it is December and time to decorate. Stephanie shares what she has gotten done so far with a little help from her friend

Christmas Already?

Christmas Already? No, not quite, but it is time to think about your outdoor Holiday decorations. Do you really want to put them up again this year? I recommend our friends Pete and Walter from Zabrene Scapes.

Fall Yard Clean Up

How can it be September already? The days are getting shorter, and if you are like me, you might have looked around your yard wondering where the last 6 months disappeared.
Boxwood Arrangement (2)

How to Make a Tabletop Boxwood Tree

Cute and classic, a tabletop boxwood tree arrangement is perfect for any space that could use a little more Christmas cheer. Learn to make your own with this detailed how-to guide from Evelyn.
Christmas Ornaments Backwards

Making Memories

It all started years ago. My love of Christmas and the decorating of THE TREE! Growing up at Behnke's, I was so lucky to be able to pick out very special ornaments each year in our Christmas Shop.

Houseplants Welcome Your Holiday House Guests

The holidays are approaching, your spare time is consumed with shopping for gifts, and guests are expected this weekend. Sound familiar? Living plant arrangements create a welcoming atmosphere in any home, but choosing the right plants for the right places…

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