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Hostess Gift Ideas

I’m traditionally a horrible gift-chooser and I know I have plenty of company in that department, so when I came across this display at Behnkes in Beltsville I thought – What a godsend!  It’s a collection of not-too-expensive, unwrapped gifts that you can hand over to the host or hostess as you arrive at a holiday party, something that adds to the festive mood of the party without causing the party-thrower any fuss.

Of course poinsettias fit the bill, but so do houseplants, especially flowering ones like Christmas cactus, or good-looking pots and candles.  Then there’s the one I’d want most want to receive – if I were ever inclined to throw a party this time of year.  That’s a boxed-up and ready-to-go amaryllis in absolutely any color – they’re all gorgeous.   I actually have given these to a hostess or two, and they seemed to please – not just on that occasion and even more so, a few weeks later when they bloom.

by Susan Harris

Stephanie Fleming was raised at Behnke’s Nurseries in Beltsville. Her Mom, Sonja, was one of Albert & Rose Behnke’s four children. She was weeding from the moment she could walk and hiding as soon as she was old enough to run, so many weeds, so little time. Although she quickly learned how to pull out a perennial and get taken off of weed pulling duty.

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