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How to Grow Amaryllis Bulbs

Giant, colorful blooms in the dead of winter? Anyone can grow them? Yes and yes. Get our tips for a simple flower whose looks are anything but.

Flower Power: Feeling Groovy

Growing up in the '60's and '70's, guest blogger Emily had an affinity for colorful, groovy flower motifs. Read about how that love of exuberant flowers has carried over into adulthood with her love of amaryllis and orchids.

Unwrapping Gifts After the Holidays

With the unseasonably warm weather we had in December, blogger Emily Stashower is enjoying watching plants emerge both indoors and out. These are nature's gifts.

The Gift of Nature: An Annual Amaryllis Tradition

Emily shares her wonderful family tradition of sending amaryllis bulbs to family members for the holidays. Read her story and you might just want to start your own flowering family tradition.

Sally’s Amaryllis – Coaxing, Not Forcing, Nature

I don’t know how long ago the tradition started and I’m really not sure how many other friends and family receive (or received) an amaryllis bulb from my parents but some time, years ago, they began a holiday tradition and…

Plant Ghosts of A Christmas Past

Let’s remember the plants of Christmas past. They aren’t with us the way they used to be. The reason? People’s houses then were cold, by our standards. Early houses had fireplaces—the earliest had huge, walk-in hearths—which did triple duty in…

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