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Meadows Farms Greg And Anita

Meadows Farms ~ Plant a Little Happiness!℠

Last week, I was on my way to Beltsville and decided to stop in at Meadows Farms in Burtonsville. I was not sure if former Behnke's Best Anita and Greg were working that afternoon but I wanted to see that new greenhouse I had heard about.

Blast From The Past

I got to spend some time last week with some very special women. I stopped in to say hello to Becky and her husband Nick. Many might remember Becky who ran our customer service and cashiers for many years. As…

Becky And Anita Visiting Greenway Farms In Cooksville, Maryland

Two Growers That Sell Retail Too

Wholesale Grower My husband and I started Hillside Nursery, in 1979. We were a wholesale nursery of annuals, perennials, and poinsettias a few months after we got married. For 27 years, we sold our plants to retail garden centers and…

Titmouse And Kinglet At The Bird Feeder

Feed the birds, Tuppence a Bag

Feed the birds! Winter, especially it is important to feed your back yard friends. A bird feeder or two maybe even three will make the birds very happy and the bonus is you will be able to watch them from the compfort of your own home. Or tent as some people do.
Vegetable Garden

The Beginning Of Our Spring Vegetable Garden

I have been spending a lot of time looking at all the different early vegetable seeds for our Spring garden these past few days. I think I am more of a dreamer than an actual doer.
Bald Eagle By Nancy Janson

Today I Saw An Eagle

My husband and I have seen more and more American Bald Eagles getting closer and closer to where we live. Driving down the driveway, one of these majestic birds flew right in front of my windshield.
Where Have All The Displays Gone?

Save The Date! December 13th – 15th

Many of you know from my posts last June that we sold all of our fixtures during the summer. Along the way, I met the sweetest couple who help run The Kris Kringle Christmas Market at the Charles County Fairgrounds.
Vegtable Soup

Soups On

The only good thing about getting sick is that I end up making a big pot of soup. I got knocked down last week with a horrible cold and the worse cough ever. Soup time!

Meet Marian Parsley, Annuals Buyer and Manager

April 2021 UPDATE On What Marian is doing now. Marian Parsley has moved on to a new type of business still in the industry. She works for Ambius, which provides beautiful indoor and outdoor landscapes for businesses, malls, etc. They…

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