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Aaron and Zoe picking blueberries

Blueberry Picking Time

Each year Stephanie and her family pick blueberries off her in-laws blueberry bush.
3 Generations Picking Blueberries on a 70 year old bush

Blueberry Picking

Nothing better than standing around the old blueberry bush with your grandfather and great grandfather picking blueberries

My Grandmother Used to Make the Best…

Ever have a favorite family dish that you just can't recreate? For years, Stephanie has been trying to make her husband's grandmother's blueberry roly-poly. Read about her attempts during a recent staycation when she made one dessert a night.

Growing Blueberries

Learn all about growing these delicious, beautiful plants, perfect for any size garden.

Jessica’s Garden: Feeling the Blues with Blueberries

  The end of the local strawberry season brings the beginning of one of our family's favorites-- blueberry season. Store-bought blueberries pale in comparison to farm fresh or homegrown.  From years of working on a pick-your-own farm in my teens…

Got Blueberries?

You can hardly do better than a blueberry for a multi-season, multi-use shrub! Flowers in spring start out with pinkish buds and open to white bells, and then provide you and the birds with crops of beautiful, tasty blue treats…

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