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Deer Damage Crape Myrtle

My Poor Crape Myrtle

After a big storm Stephanie saw that disaster struck! And it was not the wind. Read more about what happened to her beautiful Crape Myrtle.

A Conversation with John Reed

One of our long-time employees (who's easily recognized by his large cowboy hat) discussed the remarkable history of this beautiful crape myrtle next to our driveway.

Summer Fun in the Sun: Crape Myrtles

It's the height of summer and that means it's crape myrtle season! But the sheer range of choices can be overwhelming. This is a comprehensive look at varieties we carry and the dos and don'ts of caring for them.

The Beautiful Pocomoke Crape Myrtle

Tree-sized crape myrtles are ubiquitous, but after many years of admiring an old, shrub-sized crape myrtle growing at Behnke's, Stephanie bought one for her own home. Read about her experiences with this beautiful, late-season bloomer.

All About Crape Myrtles

Crape myrtles are used often in the sunny landscape for good reason: they offer multi-season interest, not to mention riotous summer color. Click through to read about different varieties and how to care for them.

Buying Crape Myrtles and Panicle Hydrangeas in Bloom

If I had room in my tiny garden for a crape myrtle or two, I'd buy them right now, when we can see exactly what color they are.  I never trust the photos on the tags or even less, the…

crape myrtle

All About the Glorious Crape Myrtle

Crape myrtles provide an unequaled contribution to the early-summer and fall garden. The wide range of sizes and flower color make crape myrtles one of the essential shrubs or small trees of the southern garden. Not only does the foliage…

Crape Myrtle – Variety and Versatility

There are many wonderful cultivars of crape myrtle. Of particular note are the National Arboretum hybrids, which were bred for winter hardiness and powdery mildew resistance.
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