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Learn How to Create Easter Floral Designs

With Easter right around the corner, Evelyn shared two spring floral designs. Copy her arrangements or get inspiration for your own creations!

How to Create a Whimsical Easter Basket

Easter is just around the corner! Start thinking decorations by following along with our former florist, Evelyn, as she creates this fun Easter arrangement.

March Arrives Bearing Gifts

Blogger Evelyn discusses her favorite gifts of March, i.e. St. Patrick's Day and Easter and why Easter falls when it does!
Removing Easter Lily Anthers; Behnke Nurseries, Potomac

All about Easter Lilies

The Easter lily, Lilium longiflorum, is a symbol of the Easter observance all around the world. Well, actually, as it turns out, it’s more of an American tradition. And here is how it came to be. Lilium longiflorum is native…

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