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Hints for a Happy Coneflower

Coneflowers can be tricky to establish going into the first winter, especially when planted in August or later, as there is limited time for them to make a substantial root system and crown. Here are some suggestions to improve your overwintering success.

5 Favorite Summer Blooming Perennials

Many of us tend to shop for plants in the spring, often buying only what's in bloom, but this means that we miss out on perennials that bloom in the height of summer. Read on for 5 reliable summer perennials.

Plant Ahead for Summer Color

Late spring color is bursting forth, with terrific plants such as Siberian Iris and Peonies. It seems now that color abounds in gardens and in the nursery, but in early to late June there is....
eggs in nest

For Many of Us There Are Three Gardens

Last week, when I was feeling under the weather, my son handed me a delicious cup of tea. It didn’t surprise me when he asked about what we could plant this summer to make our own tea. He is always planting in his mind’s eye, even in February - a challenging time for those with twitching green thumbs.
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