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First Day Of Fall

The first day of Fall is always something that Stephanie looks forward to.
pumpkin eye

Halloween Is Coming!

I love Halloween! I love Fall! While scrolling on Facebook the other day, this photo appeared! OH MY! I loved it. It really has made me want to try it, so my plan this weekend is to go buy my pumpkins and try.

It’s Pumpkin Time 2016!

It's that time of year again! Get an inside look at the wholesale pumpkin buying process and get tips for cooking different varieties of pumpkins; you could be drinking homemade pumpkin lattes made with real pumpkin!
Homemade Roasted Pumpkin

Jessica’s Garden: ‘Think Fall, Think Pumpkins’

It is very easy and cost effective to prepare your own pumpkin meat for baking versus store-bought. I paid less than $3 for a sugar pumpkin that yielded enough pureed pumpkin for two pies. Sugar pumpkins are higher in sugar and are not as fibrous as a carving pumpkin. Most of the winter squash that are available for Fall and Halloween decorating are also edible.
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