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Picking The Perfect Christmas Tree

“This one! No, this one. How about this one Mommy? I think this one is beautiful!” So it went last Saturday when my grandson Aaron and his parents came to the garden center to pick out their Christmas tree.

Getting the Most Out of a Fresh-Cut Christmas Tree

What are the keys to a long-lasting Christmas tree this season if you are planning on enjoying a cut tree instead of an artificial tree? Well, think of a Christmas tree as sort of a large cut flower. Different types…

Christmas Trees: Helmut’s Picks and Tips

Helmut Jaehnigen has personally selected Christmas trees for Behnke's for many years, always insisting on the freshest trees available. Fresher trees hold their needles longer, and supply that nostalgic, one-of-a-kind fragrance we all associate with a picture-perfect holiday setting. We…

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