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Re-Tweeting Birds In The Garden

The discovery of an active nest is one of those unexpected treasures you can’t possibly script. Even with summer underway, Emily continues to find nests in her garden. Click through to read her observations.
Birds nest

A Purposeful Garden

The last Mourning Dove fledged the other day, eliciting mixed emotions in me. My “growing season” begins before spring blooms, it starts when I see, and hear, birds in the yard. I start most days watching them preparing their nests and eventually, tending to their clutch.

Coo-Coo Mourning Doves

The Mourning Doves have returned to my yard and I now know it is time to get in the swing of the warmer months. The Cherry Blossom Festival has come and gone, as have many early spring flowers (with more blooms, and chores, to come) but for me, it’s only when the Mourning Doves return that I know it’s time to adjust to the rhythm of life for summer to approach.
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