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Holly in November

Behnke’s Gardening News Archives

One of the questions we get week after week is about finding information about this or that plant. Many times I can get the answer; however......
Meadows Farms Burtonsville

A Visit To The Burtonsville, Meadow Farms Nurseries

I was really excited to stop in and visit one of Behnke's closest Independent Garden Centers, Meadows Farms Nurseries in Burtonsville, MD. Besides checking out how former Behnke Best Greg is doing there I wanted to share some of their story with you. I hope you enjoy the videos and article and find time to stop in to visit them.

3 Favorite Shrubs for Pollinators

Bring on the butterflies and bees! These native shrubs are some of the most versatile and easy to grow with flowers that will have pollinators coming from miles around.

All About Phlox

Because there are so many varieties, you are bound to have one or more spots in your garden that would be just perfect for phlox. They come in all flower colors, and some are even native to Maryland. Learn more about this showy perennial.

Behnke Nurseries Honored by the Chesapeake Bay Trust

We got an award! The Chesapeake Bay Trust recently honored us for our installation of seven projects that demonstrate how homeowners and businesses can help reduce stormwater runoff. Click through to learn more!

All About Summersweet

This easy-going, underused native shrub deserves more attention. Learn what makes this sweet-smelling shrub so special.

Pollinator Garden at Behnke’s is One Year Old

Behnke's has a number of demonstration gardens. One of the most recent additions is the Pollinator Garden, still going strong and growing robustly after one year. Click through to learn about the some of the plants in it and come by the store to see them in person.

5 Favorite Summer Blooming Perennials

Many of us tend to shop for plants in the spring, often buying only what's in bloom, but this means that we miss out on perennials that bloom in the height of summer. Read on for 5 reliable summer perennials.

A Little Rain Must Fall

Did you know that there are many ways you can get a rebate from your county for gardening projects? Click through to read about our example rain garden and its benefits.

The Best Time to Plant a Tree…

I have said it many times before, the best time to plant a tree was 25 years ago and the second best time is today... The other day, my husband, Jon, my father in law, Marshal and our grandson decided…

Environmental Gardening at Behnke’s

Those of you who have shopped here for many years may remember that we used to have our shade and flowering tree display area on the south side of our main driveway (that is, between Route 1 and the parking…

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