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Jessica’s Garden: The Little Blue Ghost

Click to read about how Jessica experienced Halloween anew through the eyes of her young son, Grayson. Also included: her delicious recipe for Roasted Pumpkin and Apple Soup.

Jessica’s Garden: Homegrown Chili

With the weather cooling down, it's time for warm, hearty food! Get Jessica's recipe for chili using homegrown ingredients.

Jessica’s Garden: Better Late Than Never

The tomato season started off fairly disappointing for us this season. I had prepared myself for a let-down. I feared we'd only have enough to keep us going through eating them fresh. However, although our plants are beginning to show…

Jessica’s Garden: Pickling: An Easy Method of Preserving

During the Summer and Fall, when garden bounty is fresh, I tend to do an equal if not greater amount of pickling versus other canning methods.  Fruit and veggies intended for jams and jellies can be prepped during the harvest…

Jessica’s Garden: Strawberries: Get Them Before the Good Ones Are Gone

With the local strawberry season coming to a close, we are trying to get our fill of these delicious Summer berries before they're gone until next season.  However, while local pick-your-own farms and farmers markets are dwindling on strawberry availability,…

Favorite Recipes for my August Garden

My garden is outdoing itself this August. The second crop of beans, just planted in mid-July, is already producing enough for dinner every other day, and the peas just planted last week where the cucumber vines had been are already…

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