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The Best Perennials for Dry Shade

In the Washington, DC metropolitan area, we have extended dry periods, or even drought, nearly every summer. And if you have trees shading your yard, that can make for tough growing conditions. But don't despair; these tried-and-true perennials will flourish in dry shade!

2018 Hellebores

The hellebores have arrived! Already stunningly beautiful, new varieties are constantly coming out with larger flowers, colorful foliage and sturdier stems. Discover some of our favorites for this year!

Did Someone Say Hellebores?

Hellebores are here! Signaling that spring is just around the corner, these easy, winter-blooming perennials are one of Stephanie's favorites. Click through to learn why.

Growing Hellebores: You Don’t Need to Know Much

Hellebores lure a strong following of plant aficionados who pride themselves on their vast horticultural knowledge, but you don't have to be an expert to enjoy them with lasting success. Read on for growing tips and some of our favorite varieties.
Hakonechloa macra Aureola; Meadowbrook Farm; PA

10 Shady Perennials that Pass the Test of Time

One of my coworkers recently bought a home with a shady yard, and she was looking for advice on what to plant. I thought it might be time to review what has been successful in my shady garden.

Camellias – A Wonderful Addition to Your “Off-Season” Garden

Familiar to many experienced gardeners and southern-state denizens, Camellias are a wonderful addition to our “off-season” gardens here in the mid-Atlantic. Not many shrubs would dare to bloom in the shortening days of November or the cold, bleary days of February.

Appreciating Hellebores, with David Culp

Just as we're all going gaga over the (finally!) emerging spring bulbs, let's pause to appreciate some flowers we've been enjoying for the last couple of months, those of the Hellebore family.  Hellebore breeder (and author) David Culp visited Behnkes…

Self-Seeding Perennials for the Budget-Conscious Gardener

Plants that multiply are great for filling up gardens without busting the budget, so I asked Larry Hurley to recommend some for our blog readers.   But because self-seeding plants CAN be a headache (or worse), Larry asks us to first…

master gardener

Gardening Basics: Spring Showcase

If you can sit still on our first warm Saturday, and you are a hard-core plant collector who dreams about new and unusual plants, consider attending the lecture at Behnke’s at Beltsville presented by by Oregon nurseryman Sean Hogan at 10AM, sponsored by the Four Seasons Garden Club.
helleborus niger

Hellebores – The Glory of the Garden

This was written several years ago, so certain references like “lack of snow cover” may sound a little odd. Overall, the information is still good. [Editor] The warm weather of the previous weekend perked up both the garden and the…

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