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March Perennials 2017

Click through for a rundown of our current stock of perennials and suggestions of what to do with them for those worried about upcoming freezing weather.

March Madness

March has Stephanie thinking about homegrown cherry pie. Click through to learn why!

Perennial Gardens at Behnke’s in March

March is a great time to watch perennials as they start to emerge. Larry Hurley observes some of the changes since the last growing season in the Behnke's display gardens.

March Arrives Bearing Gifts

Blogger Evelyn discusses her favorite gifts of March, i.e. St. Patrick's Day and Easter and why Easter falls when it does!
Stepable rock garden

Gardening Basics: What to Expect in March

March is the month when we go from a few thousand woody plants (shrubs, trees) on hand to tens of thousands. The first trucks of new woodies are due this week, and after that it’s more or less daily shipments for the next three or four weeks. Perennials—remember, the plants that more or less die back to the ground and come back the next year if everything goes right, lag a bit behind woody plants.
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