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phalaenopsis orchid

It’s All About Orchids

February is all about love and flowers! Roses and Orchids. So many orchids. Read about Stephanie's conversation with the Orchid Lady plus, save the date for the National Capital Orchid Show and & Sale at Homestead Gardens this month.
carol allen

Carol Allen The Orchid Lady’s Update

Here is the schedule for the last re-potting clinics of 2020 for Carol Allen. Due to COVID 19, Carol will hold the clinics outside or in a venue that can provide enough space, ventilation, warmth, and light.

Flower Power: Feeling Groovy

Growing up in the '60's and '70's, guest blogger Emily had an affinity for colorful, groovy flower motifs. Read about how that love of exuberant flowers has carried over into adulthood with her love of amaryllis and orchids.
valentines roses

Roses and More for Valentine’s Day

This year Valentine's Day is Sunday February 14th, so dare we ask: Are you ready? Don't worry, Behnke's has you covered! Order online.......

Host/Hostess Gifts Galore

I went shopping today for something to take a hostess for Thanksgiving dinner, and the choice wasn't easy at all. Christmas Cactus come in a lot of great colors, and they're just unusual enough, I think. Orchids are increasingly popular…

Beginner’s Guide to Choosing and Growing Orchids

I think I can speak for everyone at Behnkes - we loved hosting the National Capital Orchid Society's big show last weekend, and many of us took the opportunity to attend the talks. Because I know nothing about orchids, I…

Help from Carol Allen about Orchids, or Anything Else

Orchid-growers are flocking to the repotting workshops that horticulturist Carol Allen is giving at both our locations, so here's a closer look at Carol.  Her knowledge of plants goes waaay beyond just orchids.   Looks like we could pick her brains…


Phalaenopsis (Moth) Orchids

Ah, winter, when a garden center’s fancy turns to houseplants. When it's cold outside, we always appreciate our houseplants, sitting on the windowsill, awaiting our return. Like a cat, only without the fur balls. Even more appealing than green foliage…

Understanding Orchids Uncomplicated Growing Worlds

Ever wonder what the Horticulturists at Behnke's are reading? We asked Miri Talabac (Behnkes woody plant manager and buyer) what were a few of her favorite books and she sent me over a dozen titles. So, over the next few…

Meet Carol Allen

We're lucky to have a real-deal expert to help customers with one of the more intimidating plants to grow - the fragile orchid (or is it really?)  "I started on my orchid journey when I was barely a teenager and…


How Do I Get My Orchid To Bloom Again

I was in an upscale nursery the other day and I overheard two women talking…. “Oh my gosh!  Look how beautiful those orchids are!”  One woman gushed to her companion. Her friend replied, “I always kill them.  How do you…

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