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With Halloween over, it's almost time for Christmas and we've begun decorating at Behnke's. Read on to see what's happening at the store.

Time to Deck the Halls

Deck those halls! Evelyn, a former florist, shares inspiration Christmas decorating using fresh greenery. Included is a how-to on making fresh kissing balls.

Works of Enduring Excellence

Evelyn discusses how we define "classic" and "beautiful" and how these definitions relate to everyday objects and her own floral designs.

Red, White and Blue Holidays

Evelyn loves to display American flags on patriotic holidays. Learn when she decorates with red, white and blue and get a little history lesson of why Election Day is always on a Tuesday in November.

How to Use Books as Decorative Accessories

Readily available and useful, books make the perfect decorative accessories. Learn how to elevate your home decor using books as art.

Learn How Home Elements Can Become “Wow” Elements

It can be difficult to decorate your home in a way that is cohesive and reflective of your personality. Evelyn gives tips for taking elements you already own and blending them to create a statement look in your home.

Arranged Marriages (of flowers, of course): The Book and Ladder Method

Several years into my career as a florist, I bought an older “little, but quaint,” two story brick home and excitedly embraced several decorating challenges including wallpapering a stairwell! Picture if you will, a tall ladder turned sideways leaning against…

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