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The Bannister Family ~ Smile!!

Behnke’s Santa Chair Lives On

Memories of Behnke's Santa Chair while Stephanie finished up her last craft show of 2021.
Valley View Farms Garden Center & Nursery

Christmas At Valley View Farms

A trip to Valley View Farms Greenhouse and Nursery to get a poinsettia led to a nice chat with Carrie Engel and so much more

Poinsettias: Then and Now

I was going through some old folders and came across The Evening Star newspaper from December 17, 1964 starring ME on the front page. I think there was once an old, faded, framed copy of it hanging somewhere here at the nursery,…


With Halloween over, it's almost time for Christmas and we've begun decorating at Behnke's. Read on to see what's happening at the store.

Welcoming an Old Friend

As a business that's been around a long time, we've had many employees over the years. The holidays brought in Leo Bicknese, former Behnke's Vice President and one of Stephanie's honorary dads while growing up at the nursery. It had been over 25 years since she saw him!

All About Norfolk Island Pine

It's a Christmas tree! No, it's a houseplant! However you choose to think of it, it's the best choice for an indoor tree; there's really nothing else like it. Click through to learn how to care for it and keep it happy...past Christmas.

Time to Deck the Halls

Deck those halls! Evelyn, a former florist, shares inspiration Christmas decorating using fresh greenery. Included is a how-to on making fresh kissing balls.

Everyone Loves a Parade

It's the time of year for making family memories. Stephanie (a Behnke family member and VP of Behnke's) places great importance on family and has been busy out and about with her daughter and grandson. Share in her new holiday memories.

Every Ornament Tells a Story, What’s Yours?

For many of us, looking at our Christmas ornaments is like opening a book of our own history. As the person responsible for the ornaments in Behnke's Christmas Shop, Stephanie loves to hear why customers choose certain ones. Read how she chooses them and the stories that go with them.
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